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Our mission at Tyler Endodontics is a simple one...to work with you and your general dentist to achieve a healthy, functional, attractive dentition. Our promise to you is simple as well...that you will feel cared for from the time you pick up the phone to make an appointment until your problem is resolved. Whether you have been referred to us by your general dentist or you have sought us out on your own, we thank you for choosing Tyler Endodontics.

Endodontist - Tyler, TX

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in saving teeth by performing root canal therapy. Your family dentist is referring you to an endodontist because of his or her personal concern that you receive the highest quality care possible. An endodontist is a valuable partner on your general dentist’s team of trusted experts and is no different than a medical specialist who proves expert advice for heart, bone or other health concerns.

A dentist becomes an endodontist by completing two or more years of advanced endodontic training in addition to dental school. An endodontist’s entire training focuses on root canals, and therefore he or she is an expert at managing and relieving tooth pain, diagnosing oral and facial pain, treating traumatic injuries, and performing root canal therapy quickly and comfortably.

Root Canal Therapy - Tyler, TX

Bacteria associated with decay, deep restorations, fractures, trauma or periodontal disease may irreversibly damage the pulp. In order to preserve a tooth, in which this has occurred, it is necessary to remove the injured, infected tissue. This procedure is known as root canal therapy.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

In spite of what you may have heard, modern root canal treatment is similar to having a filling and can usually be completed in one appointment. Following treatment, you’ll feel some tenderness in the tooth or in your jaw. Over-the-counter pain medication will often resolve these temporary symptoms. You can expect a comfortable experience during your appointment.

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